• Sick Day

    So I was called away from work yesterday by my daughter’s school, as there was no way she was going to make the afternoon. Today, we are both feeling much better today as she is on the mend. Actually, it was kind of entertaining; after I picked her up, all barfy and looking green around 1:30 yesterday, I brought her home and put her to bed. She was out in about two seconds. Then, after sleeping like a rock for 2 solid hours, she opened her eyes…and asked food. About ten minutes after that, she mentioned how much fun the park would be?! Wouldn’t it be great if we all got well that quickly? Read More
  • Bed Bug Free and I Think I Like It

    No bed bugs! I am happy to report that I had a roughly 20 minute inspection of every square inch of my mattress last night and prognosis NEGATIVE! Because if you were listening yesterday, you’ll know I shared a story about how a bug crawling on my neck as I went to sleep on Monday night, and that I assumed was a wood tick. But then a guy from Poulin’s called and said, “What if it’s bedbugs?”, and I kinda freaked... Read More
  • Monday May 9

    How are you? I’ve had as glorious Monday…I was rummaging around for something in my bag, and I found three Skittles at the bottom of it, sweet leftovers from the weekend trip to Landmark Cinemas with the kids to watch "Captain America: Civil War". So despite the impending sugar crash (because there is enough sugar in three Skittles to bring one of those on, and we all know it), I know things are only going to get better from here! Happy Monday. Read More